Lists of school supplies

For the 2022-2023 school year, most school supplies are provided by EFIS.


Middle and high school students must have their own agenda and calculator

They must also have obtained the works studied in French - list communicated by the CNED. Contact us.


All students come to school with a backpack, a bottle of water, a small snack and their midday meal.

Sishya Uniform

EFIS students are above all students of Sishya School and as such, the rules of operation and conduct are those defined by the internal regulations of Sishya School.


Like all Sishya students, children taking EFIS classes will have to wear a blue uniform from Monday to Thursday (from Class 2) and be present at the Assembly early in the morning.


From Monday to Thursday, students in the LKG, UKG and Class 1 wear comfortable clothes that are appropriate for physical activity with white socks and closed white shoes.




Email :


Authorized tailor:


School Colours

19/1, Kasturi Apartments Off Kasturi Ranga Road,


Ph: 009124990649/009124984303


 On Fridays, all pupils of all classes wear the color of their "house" or their class: Sishya polo shirt provided by the school with a white bottom (shorts up to Class 5 and trousers/skirt in secondary made by the tailor) and white Bata type shoes.