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From LKG to 10th Grade


Bilingual French/English schooling according to the official French programs leading to French International Baccalaureate - BFI


Included in SISHYA SCHOOL, the prestigious English-speaking Indian school (ISCE-ISC board)

Bilingualism French-English

Multiculturalism and International exposure


Quality education

Exceptional supervision rate

Partner school accredited by AEFE

EFIS: a AEFE partner school that offers an exceptional tailor-made and multicultural teaching

AEFE : Agence pour l'Enseignement Français à l'Étranger

The Agency for French Education Abroad

OUR mission

  • Benevolence, caring, inclusion and excellence

Open to all, French children residing outside France but also of any other nationality, the EFIS guarantees quality education respecting the programs of the French Ministry in charge of Education and compliance with their educational model.

The pedagogy emphasizes the mastery of the means of expression, through languages, sciences, sports, the arts,... on critical thinking and analytical reasoning, with the aim of building citizen personalities. , cultured, creative and responsible

The school is inclusive and its high level of supervision allows teaching that takes into account the needs of each student.

EFIS students follow courses leading to French national diplomas and obtain excellent results.


  • Sharing, open-mindedness, openness to others and the world,

Located in the vast campus of Sishya south of the center of Chennai, the EFIS allows students to participate in the activities of a prestigious Indian school: academic courses, sports, creative or cultural activities. They thus naturally learn to adapt to a multicultural environment, to forge links.

As EFIS is part of the AEFE international network, teachers and students also have the opportunity to do projects with other French schools and high schools around the world.


  • Plurilingualism

Students are taught in two main languages: French and English, aided in their progress by an optional Français Langue de Scolarisation (FLSco) program and an English as a Second Language (ESL) program.

At EFIS, as in France, all students are educated according to their year of birth!

(taking into account the full year, from January 1 to December 31)

For information, for the 2022-2023 school year:

  • Born in 2018: LKG - Moyenne Section
  • Born in 2017: UKG - Grande Section
  • Born in 2016: Class 1 - CP
  • Born in 2015: Class 2 - CE1
  • Born in 2014: Class 3 - CE2
  • Born in 2013: Class 4 - CM1
  • Born in 2012: Class 5 - CM2
  • Born in 2011: Class 6 - 6ème
  • Born in 2010: Class 7 - 5ème
  • Born in 2009: Class 8 - 4ème
  • Born in 2008: Class 9 - 3ème
  • Born in 2007: Class10 - 2nde

From March 2023:

Registration and early admission in LKG (Petite/Moyenne Section) of children born in 2019