Back to school on August 07, 2023

The documents related to this school year can be downloaded below


Admissions to the EFIS are possible throughout the year and requests will be studied as they are submitted.

The administration will contact you after studying the applications for an interview.

To finalize the registration, an appointment will be fixed, most often on a Wednesday morning.


Admissions are open for students of all nationalities


The best moments of the year to join us are:

- August (beginning of EFIS school year)

- January (beginning of the second EFIS semester)

- March (beginning of the Sishya school year)


School visits can be organized throughout the year.

Contact us or fill out the form below to make an appointment.

Please note that photographs are prohibited in the establishment without prior authorization.

Do you wish: 

  • To obtain information on admissions to EFIS?

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  • To ask us questions about your situation?
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It is also possible to contact the management directly:

Contact direction : +91 9840 825 833 (tel, WA, Signal)


Year 2023-2024

School fees are different depending on the class level and if they are paid by the company employing the parents.


The registration fee is usually 700 rupees. NO ADMISSION FEE!


The invoice is given to the families in September.



Any semester started is invoiced in full.



To note,

  • Uniforms, certain textbooks, costumes for shows are to be paid by the families.
  • A financial contribution will be requested for school outings.
  • Registration at the CNED in full class is the responsibility of the families (if necessary invoices for the companies). Please note: payment is made in euros (with a French checkbook or by bank transfer).
  • For 9th grade classes, the DNB examination fees will be billed independently by the Lycée Français de Pondichéry. Rate for  non-establishment student will be communicated later.

Scholarship applications are possible for students of French nationality.


For  more information:

* Consult this page

* Contact us


The school calendar is organized in such a way as to accommodate as much as possible the calendars of the Sishya school and the French International School of Pondicherry, which is our examination center.


Colored indicators represent vacation periods (dark blue for EFIS vacation, light blue for Sishya).


Sishya events and EFIS meetings are mentioned on the calendar.

School Fees EFIS - 2023-2024
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* Or contact the Consulat Général de Pondichéry et Chennai :


EFIS Calendar 2023-2024
Calendrier 2023-2024 -page.pdf
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School project EFIS 2022-25.pdf
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An educational system that combines success and pleasure


The EFIS provides the fundamental lessons of the official French programs taught parts in French, parts in English, to which other subjects can be added with Sishya depending on the level of the students in English.


For the 2022-2023 academic year, the pupils of all levels of the EFIS are grouped together in a single class under the responsibility of several teachers who intervene at all levels in several disciplines.


The students thus learn to gain autonomy and organize themselves. The older ones can tutor the younger ones on an ad hoc basis and gain in responsibility, the younger ones benefit from the emulation created by the presence of the older students.



Primary: Accredited school, direct teaching, direct evaluation by teachers.

Secondary: evaluation by the CNED: registration required. The teachers teach all subjects in direct lessons and with the educational documents provided when registering with the CNED in the full regulated program.

This formula makes possible the obtention of the official recognition of the pupils schooling and prepares them for the French examinations in liaison with the French school of Pondicherry.



Inclusion of students with little or no French speaking

Students who need support in French benefit from courses in the Français Langue Etrangère/Scolaire (FLE/Sco) program.


For non-French-speaking students, EFIS courses are first taught in English, then French is introduced gradually.


Schema - Language programs EFIS.png
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Progressive inclusion in Indian English classes


The progressive inclusion of French-speaking students in English-speaking classes is planned and supported by an ESL program.

The teaching of English for beginners is provided by ESL (English as Second Language) teachers for an average of 4.5 hours per week (5 to 7 weekly sessions).

All students, beginners or not, follow arts and sports classes, provided by the Sishya school.

Depending on the level of proficiency in the English language and the classes concerned, French students can join other classes: Value Education, Computer Science, ...


In kindergarten, teaching time is 50% with EFIS and 50% with Sishya

In elementary and secondary school, teaching time is between 75 and 90% with EFIS and between 25 and 10% with Sishya


All our students participate in school outings, sporting and cultural events as well as all the activities organized by Sishya School.


Sanitary - Pandemic CONTEXT

Information about the situation in Chennai and South India is regularly updated on the website of the Consulat général de France à Pondichéry.

In the context of the pandemic crisis and the local regulations in force, teaching is provided in class (face-to-face), wearing a mask remains compulsory, and hygiene measures are reinforced.

Students with symptoms such as fever, cough, cold, sore throat stay at home. There is no online class.


Contact case students report their situation to the administration, distance education can then be set up on a case-by-case basis.


The teaching team is vigilant and attentive to families so that the organization of lessons remains the most satisfactory for all.